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"Love One Another as I Have Loved You."

John 13:34

RCIA Sponsors Wanted

Pray…The first example the RCIA sponsors must give to the candidate/ catechumens is how Christians pray. So perhaps your job description might include some of the following:

Worship: Sponsors are active participants in weekly Sunday Mass and the major worship events of the parish. They are responsible for the attendance of their catechumens at these events.

Daily prayer: Sponsors spend some significant, concentrated time in prayer every day (at least 15 minutes). Sponsors are responsible for teaching their catechumens how to pray daily.

Penitential prayer: Sponsors regularly examine their consciences and regularly practice the many forms of penance in Christian life (see Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1434-1439). RCIA sponsors are responsible for teaching their catechumens how to practice some of these forms.

Intercessory prayer: Sponsors regularly bring their needs before God (see Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2629-2636). RCIA sponsors are responsible for teaching their catechumens how to petition God for their needs.


Witness...The next example sponsors are to give is how to bear witness to the faith. This might stretch the comfort zone of some sponsors. Generally, Catholics are a little shy about bearing witness to the faith. Here are a few simple things any sponsor can do and can teach their catechumens to do.

Pray in public: Sponsors regularly pray before meals, even when eating in public. If they are comfortable doing so, making the sign of the cross before and after the meal prayer is a visible witness to faith.

Share a book: Sponsors regularly read good spiritual books. They bear witness to the faith by sharing these books with friends, colleagues, and family who may benefit from them. If the sponsor is not a reader, the same effect can be accomplished by recommending a movie or a television show that supports Christian values (even if the movie or show is not explicitly Christian).

Be joyful: Sponsors are joyful, even in the midst of trial, because of their confidence and faith in the paschal mystery. By remaining steadfastly joyful in all situations and sharing that joy with others, sponsors bear witness to that faith.

Sponsors should be in good standings with the Church, active in parish life and able to attend all Rites and Monday evening RCIA sessions.


Interested in becoming a RCIA sponsor?

Please contact Jill Metz for more details.