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"Love One Another as I Have Loved You."

John 13:34

Our Ministries

SJV Ministries Purpose

Ministry List


Music Coordinator: Jennifer Duquaine (Interim) 765-639-1867

H.S. Youth Ministry: Open

Middle School Youth Ministry: Kelsey McDonald 317-439-0256

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion: Christa Willis 317-833-3727

Sacristan: Linda Lund 317-485-0150

Servers: Don Burosh 317-385-4155

Readers: Christa Willis 317-833-3727

Art & Environment: Mary Champlin 317-319-5345

Ushers: Ted Shaw 317-578-3915

Adoration: Ryan Helle  317-485-0150

Finance Committee: Mike Poynter 317-523-2445

Welcome Ministry: Dan & Rita Patt 317-843-9627

Knights of Columbus: Tim Beach 317-698-8610

Legion of Mary: Mike Wilson 317-485-4854

Pro-Life: Suzin Boulet 317-966-1083

Evangelization: Mary Annette Poynter (260)316-5257

MOMS Ministry: Deanna Warren 317-209-4551  &  Laura Kohut 317-750-0099

Archivist: Amy Martin 317-485-0150

Vocations: Don Burosh 317-385-4155

Home School Ministry: Catherine Lanctot 317-431-0502

Teens for Life: Kimlarie Lloyd 317-702-0172

RCIA C0-coordinators: Jill Metz 317-506-6169 and Ken Metz 317-506-9216

Meals Ministry: Mary Heller (317-702-9936) and Jessica Kozerski (317-417-3533)

Outreach: Denise Rody 317-903-8963

Women’s Guild: Need Coordinator 317-485-0150

Lisieux Sorority: Margie Shaw 317-578-3915

Pastoral Council: Larry Kunkel 317-485-0150

Eucharistic Apostles of the Divine Mercy: Joanne Larsen 317-617-9630

Knights of Holy Temple: Brian Lloyd 317-485-0150

Young Adult Ministry: Daniel Hales [email protected]

Catholic Youth Organization  (CYO):Ed Witte, [email protected] & (317) 374-1839

Marketing Committee: Mike Poynter 317-523-2445

PEACE(Promoting Eucharistic Adoration through Catechesis
& Evangelization):
Joanne Larsen 317-617-9630

Pilgrim Queen: Dodi Poynter 317-833-2823

Gabriel Project: Joanne Larsen 317-617-9630