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"Love One Another as I Have Loved You."

John 13:34

Pray For Our Priests


Please Pray For Our Diocesan Priests, Deacons and Seminarians…

    • JULY 21-Deacon Steve Miller,   Deacon James DeOreo
    • JULY 22-Father Robert Moran  , Jason Diebolt
    •  JULY 23-Deacon Ron Morrow, Joseph Domina
    • JULY 24-Deacon Jose Muñoz  , Matthew Jakupco\
    • JULY 25-Father Kyle Neterer, Thomas Kappes
    • JULY 26-Deacon Ron Nevinger, Griffin McHaffie
    • JULY 27-Father David Newton, Andrew Morand
    • JULY 28-Father John Nguyen, Tim Perry*
    • JULY 29-Father Tom Obiatuegwu, Joe Poremski*


* In formation for Permanent Diaconate